FAQs: Incredible Spin Scrubber

It is a revolutionary innovation that changes the way moms, parents, grandparents and everyone clean.

The Incredible Spin Scrubber is the best way to scrub and clean bath tubs, shower rails, stoves, kitchen tops, ovens and even your car without breaking your back and without the hassle of scrubbing tirelessly.


Here's how to operate your Incredible Spin Scrubber:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Incredible Spin Scrubber:

Q: How long do i have to charge the item?

A: Charging should be 7-8 hours

Q: How long is the shipping time?

A: For US customers shipping should take 20-45 working days rest of the countries shipping should take 3-6 weeks

Q: How will the item work?

A: The item should work for about 60 minutes after the 7-8 hours of charging