This genius cleaning tool makes the back breaking cleaning task a lot more easier.
No Bending - No Swollen Hands - No Hardwork!

Incredible Spin Scrubber + 3 Brush Head for FREE
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Say no more to back aches when cleaning your home. Incredible Spin Scrubber, is here to help you out. With its three different scrubbers, it can go through bathroom and kitchen corners that no other cleaning material can reach. 

Incredible Spin Scrubber, can be your cleaning helper inside and outside your home. The brush can spin 300RPM; no wires or cords; and it is rechargeable; it also includes an extension handle that extends up to 44inches.

The Brush is totally FREE with the Spin Scrubber!

The Incredible Spin Scrubber, the most convenient cleaning tool you’ll ever need. 


  • 3 rotating brushes cut through soap scum, mildew, grime & dirt
  • 300 scrubs per minute
  • Works without harsh or abrasive chemicals.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable with charger included
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Flexible bristles mold into cracks and crevices


Weight: 3,5 pounds

Material: ABS, Aluminium

Utility: Allows efficient and fast cleaning

What is included in the package:

  • 340RPM Spin Scrubber
  • 44" Extension Pole (FREE)
  • 3 pcs brush set (FREE)
  • AC Adaptor ( available in US/UK/EU/Au)
  • User Manual

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Customers Reviews

Jo Anne

Wow this is a back saver for sure! I am 57 and hate bending over in large tub to scrub it. This thing cleans well. Also used on shower floor. Don't know we're to get replacement brush heads, I will let you know that you have to charge it the first time for 20 hours. I left it charging for 24 hrs. 8 hrs after initial charge.


I love it and recommend this does a great job in the shower and ceramic floors just tried it out on my oven inside door and oven and it came out very good lots of different items can be cleaned with this.


Cleaning the tub/shower is not one of my favorite pas times. I was getting to the point of trying to clean it using a steel wool pad. The Spin Scrubber works beautifully. First of all, I plugged it in and let it charge all night. The first go-round I only cleaned the tub area. The next time I cleaned the walls and tub and didn't lose the charge. I went over the walls twice (due to the wavy pattern of the walls), once with the flat brush, once with the round brush. Very nice! You have the option to use the wand the full length or just use the shorter extension. I still don't like cleaning the tub/shower but this makes it easier.


This scrubber is wonderful! It makes cleaning the shower and bathtub so much easier. I recommend this to anyone who may have trouble cleaning due to injury or age. 


I think this will be a great item for my wife when cleaning our shower as the tile goes all the way to the ceiling. It just arrived today so I can not say much more. Shipping time was great.


I am so glad I decided to give this a try. It is VERY helpful in cleaning the bathtub and does a good job. I am planning to use it on some floors next.


Absolutely amazing! I have a huge bathtub that normally takes me a couple hours to scrub, but with the scrubber it only took me 30 minutes with some comet and water! It took off hard water stains that I normally have to fight with, all you need is some patience because it takes a couple of rounds but it's nothing compared to what I had to do before.


Today I finished cleaning my porcelain tile in my 12x30' kitchen/dining area. It took me a couple of days to do it as I am a senior and I sat in a wheelchair (am not wheelchair bound only used it to keep from falling). I sprayed the tile with a mild cleaning solution and then used the scrubber and now my tile looks like new. The brush is still in great shape. After completing I moped the floor with vinegar to make it sure the solution was gone soI would not slip on it. When this one quits working will definitely order another one. This saved me almost £300 which would have cost me if professionals did the job.


Great very well..used it to scrub kitchen tile..did an excellent job..used it in the shower and also did great...would recommend it for easy and quick clean up. Great product.. !!!


My wife saw this at our daughter's house and thought it was neat, so we ordered it. She has used it several times and really likes it.


My wife has arthritis in her hands and finds it difficult to apply any pressure when cleaning. The scrubber is a blessing. He gets into corners around curves and does a general great job at cleaning especially in the bathtubs And shower. Would definitely recommend discover for anyone needing that little bit of extra help to get things spotless!


No more dustpan needed. This is fantastic on my hardwood floors. I love the fact that it does not require batteries. It pick up kitty litter like a charm. The circular bristles really do take unwanted crumbs and debris away from the baseboard.The only con I can think of is that it works in the forward motion only, but it is trivial since the handle has a rotation to it and it is easy to work in a figure 8 motion.


This product made it easier to clean tub, shower and toilets in my home. It gives the surfaces a good scrubbing and ensures that the surfaces are clean. I would use this produce bi-monthly and use detergent wipes in between scrubbings. It does help a person from getting on their hands an knees to clean bathroom areas. I would recommend this to others especially people with age related issues.


Great gadget to have around the house. Works great on hard surfaces such as hardwood and tile. It beats the fire out of hauling out the vacuum and keeps everything tidy. It works just like they show it. Note, that it is not for carpet, which they tell you up front, but on hard surfaces, it can't be beat..


Works great!!! Did the job I purchased it for. Cleaned the whole bathroom. Worth every penny!


Purchased as a gift, mother is now happy and is having a much easier time cleaning the bathroom. Works as advertised. Easy to use.


Really like it. With long handle is great to clean shower wall and floor. Wish it had short handle also to use on countertops but other than that has been great to clean those hard to reach places.


I love this thing! Actually figured it would be a complete waste of money and my intention was to promptly return it but it has not disappointed me in the least. I am now cleaning, without any exertion, places and things that haven't been touched for a long time. Definitely recommend this!


Exactly as I had expected. You do not need to push hard on the handle for the brush to do it's job. I have a bad back and this helps me tremendously!


So I have only used this product once, but I can see a difference. It's easy to assemble, but does require 20 hours to charge before the first use. I found that it cleaned okay, but definitely not like on tv. It helped to start to take off some of the stubborn stains I just didn't have the arm strength for or the ability to reach easy to clean. Long term and consistent use I can see this product helping to keep the bathroom clean. So far I have only used it on the tub and shower walls. I purchased before seeing this on tv and now can see other uses that I think I may try with this brush. Only thing I wish I had known is that currently brush replacements are not offered.


So far have really like it. When charging it the green light has never came on, it just stays on with red light. Have read other reviews stating their light stayed red also. But seem to have a full charge.


I love this little machine!!! It's so easy to use and switch out the brush heads. My bathroom looks brand new again with very little effort. I used vinegar and water for hard water stains and fabric softener and water for soap scum and with the blue brush, my toilet, tub and shower ended up sparkling clean.


Excellent versatile tool, saves me a lot of effort especially when cleaning the bathroom. Health issues make it hard for me to do things like scrubbing the tub etc, and this has made my life a lot easier.


have only used this product to clean my yucky bathroom tile so far but absolutely LOVE it! I have MS and it's hard to do things like scrubbing bathrooms but the power scrubber did most of the work and made it much easier. I'm looking forward to attacking my old oven next!


Help, I can't stop cleaning my oven. This is absolutely a wonderful item. It truly makes oven cleaning easy and you don't need a couple of hours either - it's quick. Now my hands don't ache anymore from scrubbing. I also use it to keep my pots and pans clean. Removed staines and discoloration from years of cooking. Nice. LOVE IT!


Works well. Some of the blue bristles even seem to be a little to stiff for bathroom cleaning, not allowing you to get into corners as you might expect. Have not used all the attachments, but has definitely made bathroom cleaning easier.


I used to have the black and decker on years ago and was looking to replace it. I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new one. This one is great! I would highly recommend this product. Cleans tile grout back to its original color


Actually better than I even expected. Used it to clean up a rental house that was left really filthy, and it was an awesome tool to have.


Can't wait to get to work on my bathroom and stovetop. The unit is charged and ready to go. I can see this is going to make cleaning (which I hate) MUCH easier.


I love this product. Being an older person I lost a lot of my grip,scrubbing has become a choir. This is so easy to use & does a wonderful job.Now I don't worry about cleaning the bathroom or kitchen(or anything else). This scrubber does the work for me.Thanks so much for offering this product


I can not even begin to brag enough about this product! I used this on an old shower that had horrible lime build up. I've tried scrubbing it off by hand , but it never worked. I sprayed the heck out of the shower with Kaboom, let it sit for a few minutes then used this amazing scrubber! After several years of lime build up it was GONE! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!


I am very pleased with the results after using this product on my bathroom shower and floor tiles. It removed soap scumb with little effort and perfectly cleaned the white grout and tile of my floor. It was so easy. I'm sure I'll clean more often and have plenty of time for more fun.

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