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Purchased as a gift, mother is now happy and is having a much easier time cleaning the room. Works as advertised. Easy to use.

Power Sweeper - 3 IN 1 broom, dustpan and trash bin. A 360 rotating brush with high-speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust swept into the dustbin with adjustable length handle. When using this broom, you do not have to bend, only need to push forward.



This broom adopt the latest advanced technique!

  • No Electricity
  • No batteries
  • Push it forward, it can automatically collect the trash into the garbage bin


Broomstick Material: ABS+Stainless Steel

Dustpan Material: Plastic

Broom Head Material: PET Broom

Product Size: 144*31*20 cm

Handle Length: 110 cm

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Power Sweeper


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Naomi Connell

LOVE this item. I actually knew how well these worked because I own a driveway model from years ago and LOVED that. Picks up nails and 'stuff' as large as broken glass, jar lids rocks etc. about a yard across. Didn't have any issues with handles, Easy to empty, the brushes pick up as well as any broom or better...GREAT for the kitties food area and other means.NON-ELECTRIC means nothing to worry about, QUICK DEPLOY and you are DONE.will always have on in the household

4 minutes ago |  Comment 1

Nikola Pinter

This works well and it easy to use. My 10 year old enjoys using it.

6 minutes ago |  Comment 4

Katherine Prochazka

It does exactly what it advertises, is extremely lightweight, and is easy to empty. Don't confuse this with a floor scrubber; It easily picks up loose pet hair and dry whatever is dropped or spilled.

7 minutes ago |  Comment 7

Anna Cerny

To be honest, I purchased this with low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. This little guy performs and doesn't require any supplies. Works well along edges. It's great for a quick sweep of hardwood or tile floors.

9 minutes ago |  Comment 11

Stephanie Feher

I recently had porcelain tile installed in my family room and I purchased this push brush to see if it picked up little pieces of grass or other things that get carried into a family room. This little sweeper does a really nice job and I'm very happy that I purchased it.

12 minutes ago |  Comment 5

Karolina Hovath

This thing beyond exceeded my expectations! It picks up everything! Maneuvers around easily. Very light, and easy to use. I've sent a link to several people I know encouraging them to buy one!

15 minutes ago |  Comment 8

Mariah Steele

This work so slick I love it!

16 minutes ago |  Comment 15

Lily Arnold

This sweeper is very lightweight. Good for little kids to help on chores. The concept used in the design of this sweeper is similar to the robot vacuum, except it does not need batteries or doesn't need to be charged and you do have to move it.

19 minutes ago |  Comment 0

Jennifer Guillory

No more dustpan needed. This is fantastic on my hardwood floors. I love the fact that it does not require batteries. It pick up kitty litter like a charm. The circular bristles really do take unwanted crumbs and debris away from the baseboard.The only con I can think of is that it works in the forward motion only, but it is trivial since the handle has a rotation to it and it is easy to work in a figure 8 motion.

25 minutes ago |  Comment 9

Kelly Royal

The sweeping machine picks up well, but be careful about bumping into anything, because it can empty pretty easily, as well. I definitely like it better than the broom and dustpan. It is a little too lightweight, but gets the job done for the most part.

34 minutes ago |  Comment 5

Victoria Finn

I love it . Easy to install, It's perfect for my house as I have hardwood and tiles flooring. I love how it gets the crumbs that hide under my kitchen cabinet.

39 minutes ago |  Comment 18

Tiffany Schneider

Works great!!! Did the job I purchased it for. Cleaned the whole room. Worth every penny!

41 minutes ago |  Comment 2

Jasmine Kincaid

Purchased as a gift, mother is now happy and is having a much easier time cleaning the room. Works as advertised. Easy to use.

44 minutes ago |  Comment 47

Michelle Braden

Really like it. With long handle is great to clean floor. Wish it had short handle also to use on countertops but other than that has been great to clean those hard to reach places.

49 minutes ago |  Comment 31

Hailey Vandyke

I love this thing! Actually figured it would be a complete waste of money and my intention was to promptly return it but it has not disappointed me in the least. Definitely recommend this!

50 minutes ago |  Comment 11

Emma Carrillo

Very light, easy to use, doesn't need batteries or charges. When you moving the brush will moving .

51 minutes ago |  Comment 57

Christina Bartley

It's good for when you spill little items and it really good at picking things up

54 minutes ago |  Comment 3

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