16Brand™ Duo Gradient Eyeshadow

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Finally, you can hit snooze for five more minutes, with this make-up lifesaver and that's Its fun, functional, and innovative makeup that add depth and volume to even puffy eyes. And since one of the most time-consuming parts of any beauty routine is nailing a perfect multidimensional eyeshadow look, 16 Brand "eye magazines" eyeshadow is going to make your life so much easier!

So, how does it work?

The two-tone eye-shadow compact comes with a stamp-size applicator, which allows users to swipe once to achieve a gradient from deep brown to a shimmery gold with one simple movement.

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Product Specifications:

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Petite Blender Brush that perfectly fits your hand for various gradient looks, including natural, deep, and even smokey eye makeup depending on where you use the brush.

  • Brush Shape: A round shape brush with the R-value that prevents artificial boundaries on the fan-shaped inner and outer corners of your eyes
  • Brush Lenght: It's vertical length - an optimal length for the best adhesion and shadow coloring after numerous evaluations
  • Shading Looks: A 2-tone shadow ar a golden shimmer ratio of 7:3 great for gradient looks

Eyeshadow Features:

  • High Pigment System: More vividly and clearly shows its original color and pearl by applying a combination of high-content color pigments and coating powder.
  • Sebum Control System: Absorbs oil and sweat around the eyes to enhance its lasting effect by using spherical powder
  • Fitting Binder System: Minimizes spreadability and adhesion by applying a highly viscous oil binding system, with good spreadability
TYPE All Skin Type
SIZE 2.5g
COUNTRY Made in Korea

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16Brand™ Duo Gradient Eyeshadow